Pirates of the Caribbean. Map, Report and Review
Wray, Scarecrow Village, Lancashire, England. Guide and Virtual Tour.

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Pirates of the Caribbean. Report and Review
Wray, Scarecrow Village, Lancashire, England Guide and Tour.
Wray location and directions map : Pirates of the Caribbean., you can CLICK and DRAG on the map.

Wray Village - The Original Scarecrow Festival 28th April - 7th May 2007.

Wray Fair - May Day 7th May 2007, Wray, Lancaster.

The theme for the 2007 Scarecrow Festival was Blockbuster Movies, with all areas of the village producing scarecrows based on well known Movies.

This year saw a full scarecrow Tennis match, complete with celebrity spectators, The Sound of Music, Wizard of OZ, Spiderman, The Invisible Man (lots of entries of this one!), Titanic, 101 Dalmations, and many many more.

See if you can spot the Rabbits on the railings of Wray Endowed School - very creative use of a carrier bag, a few twists and some sticky vinyl!

WRAY FAIR - The original Wray Fair was mentioned in the Lancaster Gazette as far back as 1838, when it was descibed as ending in 'wanton brutality!' Happily things are a sight more friendly now, and this years fair saw crowds enjoying the day with great memories and a happy smile to take home, rather than a black eye!

If you missed the fun this year, make a note in your diary to visit Wray Scarecrow Festival and Wray Fair in 2008.

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